About us

  • More than 15 years experience
  • We trained more than 7000 people
  • More tan 150 companies from 14 countries
  • More tan 3000 Innovation workshops and projects
Equipo Inteligencia Creativa

A team with years of experience as Innovation consultants and trainers… and years of previous experience in relevant companies.

We have been working with all kind of sectors, departments or profiles.
We know how these companies are working from inside and therefore we are able to identify the right methodology depending on their needs, culture, profiles.

We also know the world of entrepreneurs and start ups, and their methodologies. Big companies can Benefit from integrating learnings from this world but it is clear for us that we have to go further then a simple “cut and paste” to deliver real value

Transforming them into agile organisations, with an open mind, philosophy of experimentation and

Why systematise creative thinking and innovation?

If you want to integrate attitude and methodology into the DNA of an organisation, you need a culture change, even when things have got off to a good start, to be able to find new solutions, particularly disruptive ones that differentiate the organisation. To ensure this culture change doesn’t get left as good intentions and abstract principles, organisations need an agile methodology that enables them to put it into practice and bring value to the organisation and every member of it, on a daily basis.

This change will have a cultural impact across the organisation, in leadership type, cross-disciplinary work and collaboration, error management, the motivation of people who suggest ideas, influence within a group, and integrating agile methodologies.

Identifying the appropriate methodology for each need

Because methodology is a means and not an end. The type of challenge, size of the project, company culture, timing and disruption level sought will mean that one methodology is more suitable than another.

Bringing disruption into every step of the innovation process

We don’t just apply creativity in the idea phase:

  • if the exploration phase is based on the classic method—e.g. looking at insights or the customer journey from just an analytical perspective—there will be no new avenues to explore.
  • if the experimentation and implementation phases don’t include a disruptive perspective, you’ll be limited to innovating the what and not the how