• Gebro

    “Inteligencia Creativa has helped us develop the Gebro Pharma R&D strategy in Spain. In the initial phases, it was useful to help us get a better and deeper understanding of the fundamentals of innovation. Now, in the implementation phase, the techniques we learned have been, and will continue to be, useful. Gebro first worked with Inteligencia Creativa three years ago, when our only intention was to perform R&D in Spain. Now, we’re already in the Profarma Plan of the Ministries of Health and Industry, and performing three development projects. Good professionals and good companions on the innovation journey.”

    Sergi Aulinas
    CEO Gebro Pharma
  • Nestle

    “Five years ago, we were lucky enough to discover the excellent work of Inteligencia Creativa. Since then, we’ve worked with the company on numerous projects. Its main strengths are its ability to adapt to the different participant profiles, and the methodical leadership during the idea-generation workshops. The results are always surprising. And working with such a friendly team is a pleasure.”

    José Luis Martinez Garay
    Head of Communication and Marketing Service
  • HP

    In HP Large Format Printing division, we are working with Inteligencia Creativa for several years already. As part of the internal innovation toolbox, they are helping us in the different stages of the creative process: From the problem framing, (including team alignment); through idea generation, grouping, and selection; and until idea elaboration and refinement. The prework to select and adapt the different techniques to the specific problem, and the experienced facilitator role, motivates people participation to get relevant insights, aligned with expected results.  Their experience, and the personal style to generate relevant results make them be the first ones to consider when requiring help to address a new challenge.

    Carlos Lahoz
    Innovation initiative lead Hewlett- Packard, Large format printing division
  • Actelion

    “Everyone talks about innovation and creative thinking as being axes in a business strategy. But, it all gets more difficult when you actually want to introduce these concepts into your daily work. Inteligencia Creativa has helped us learn to put creative thinking into practice, without fear, in all the projects we’ve started. Almost 100% of our collaborators have been through its workshops. What happens if, instead of looking for the right answers, we ask ourselves the right questions? By changing the questions, we can change the answers and achieve new, different results that bring the added value we’re all looking for in our businesses. At Actelion, we’ve achieved this thanks to Inteligencia Creativa.”

    Anna Bisart
    Human Resources Director 
  • Planeta

    “Inteligencia Creativa provides us with a focus of pragmatic innovation, with short-term results and an external perspective that adds much value. Through various projects, they have become a valued collaborator in those ventures that require thinking outside of the box.”

    Alex Collart
    Director of Business Development
  • Chiesi

    “Translating the need of innovation into behaviors aimed at creating a culture of innovation is not easy. What provided us (and will continue to provide) Inteligencia Creativa is a real learning of the tools needed to begin creating this culture. Thanks to them we now have "experts" within the company who are trying to mobilize the Organization in this direction. It has been a decisive step to find many (and new!) ideas and implement them in projects

    Mario Rovirosa
    General Manager
  • IESE

    “Working with Inteligencia Creativa on essential projects has always allowed us to link business aims with the generation of creative ideas, to be more creative, to train and communicate better, and, definitively, to make a key task in the process of innovation more effective. This relationship shows us that it is not so much a question of knowing more creativity techniques, but rather knowing how to apply them successfully and according to the demands of each specific situation. Therein lies the difference between what is good and what is the best.” Joaquim Vilà

    Joaquim Vilà
    Professor of Innovation at IESE, and CEO Soft4CRIT SL
  • Sanofi

    “Thanks to Inteligencia Creativa, we’ve made innovation into a key methodology for our business strategy and into a skill to be developed among employees. As a result of its methodology, Inteligencia Creativa has become an essential travelling companion in innovation. The persuasiveness of the company is evidence of how effective its methodology is.”

    Xavi Olba
    Digital Business Strategy Manager
  • Font Vellla

    “At Font Vella, we want to develop creativity as one of our core strategies at the training level, understanding it as the capacity of our collaborators to: be able to think from a different point of view have an attitude open to the new, to the unknown, to the possible, to change… have creative (but pragmatic) tools that allow us to resolve diverse situations. We are convinced that through the training provided by Inteligencia Creativa, the detected needs have been satisfied, for which we are very content with their work, no only as trainers, but also for their involvement in the overall project.”

    Pere Valles
    Pere Valles, HR Development
  • Tous

    “Inteligencia Creativa provides a practical and direct focus on how to innovate in everyday activity, not only in strategic meetings but also on working levels. Our experience was of great added value because of its pragmatism and real results.”

    Ramon Ros
    Managing Director Tous
  • Euskaltel

    “From its origins, Euskaltel has been an innovative project: a local company in a global setting, in a rapidly and continuously changing sector, competing against the world’s leaders. Creativity for us is not a "luxury", but rather a need and a mark of our identity. With help from Inteligencia Creativa, after ten years as a company, we re-launched that creative culture inside Euskaltel. We carried out more than 40 creativity trainings and workshops, in which 50% of the staff participated, learning techniques that we now apply in a natural way in our daily activity. The work we did with Inteligencia Creativa’s help achieved the three goals we had proposed: re-launch the culture of creativity and innovation, equip people with creativity techniques that they can use in their daily work, and attain creative ideas about real challenges facing our company.”

    Tomás Urquidi
    Director of Business Development
  • Ipsen

    “A company like Ipsen today needs to react to its current business and environmental challenges by exploring different creative and innovative ways. Inteligencia Creativa has helped us not only structure our processes to generate innovative ideas but foremost make the organization aware of the added value of innovative processes. This makes possible the implementation of a sustainable long term commitment to innovation”

    Thibaud Eckenschwiller
    Managing Director Ipsen
  • Novartis

    “Innovation is one of our strategic pillars and a key factor of success, enabling us to surpass our customers’ and patients’ expectations in respect to products and services. Inteligencia Creativa’s support and know how, in addition to supporting us in strategic projects at specific moments, was an excellent catalyst for the marketing teams that not only assured maximising the teams’ capacity but also enabled them to lead creative sessions for multi-functional groups.”

    Luciano Marques
    Head of Marketing Novartis
  • Fagor

    “It is not always easy to open spaces of innovation in each management process of the organisation. There often seem to be areas where different and powerful ideas don’t seem to have a place, but Inteligencia Creativa has been a good ally in proving that no spaces are out of bounds to a different viewpoint. Working with Philippe Delespesse and Lourdes Cateura has not only been a pleasure but also a meeting with fellow travellers with whom we shall not hesitate to share new projects.”

    Yuri Noda y Jesús Fernández
    Promotion and Innovation, Fagor Ederlan Group
  • Amgen

    “Inteligencia Creativa’s collaboration has always been of high quality in content as well as in understanding our needs for training and a change of culture. Their pragmatic and flexible orientation was unquestionably a factor of success in the assessment of their intervention.”

    Natalia Arizcuren
    HR Director
  • MRW

    “Inteligencia Creativa has been and continues to be a strategic collaborator of MRW in its process of innovation. The experience and dedication of both Lourdes and Philippe provided us with invaluable help that has already translated into tangible results, for which reason we shall continue working with them in the future.”

    Antonio Rocamora Trías
    Innovation Director
  • Danone

    “Practicality and applicability are two key elements that characterise Inteligencia Creativa’s training. They have indisputably become our expert pedagogical partner in the development of our managers’ capacity for innovation and creativity, not only on the level of Spain but also on a global level, within the Danone Group..”

    Emma Hernández
    HR Training Manager
  • Rank

    “Inteligencia Creativa helped us systematise the internal innovation process in our organisation. Thanks to our experience with Inteligencia Creativa, we were able to increase awareness among the people who participate in this process and equip them with the tools they need to perform it.”

    Javier Jiménez
    Marketing Director
  • Apli

    “Inteligencia Creativa have led various idea generation workshops at APLI Paper SA, in which some 500 ideas were generated. Their introductory session and their methods were highly appreciated by all of the participants. Personally, I am so satisfied with the work of Mr. Delespesse and his team that I have asked him to be our guest speaker at the annual national conference of label manufacturers to be held in May in A Coruña.”

    Jaume Puigbò
  • Guzman

    “With people from the merger of three distribution companies of different raw materials, it was not an easy task to stage a workshop on creativity, reach a consensus and develop core aspects of transversal innovation for the renovated Innovation Committee. From the start, Philippe and Lourdes got us involved and held our attention. Thanks to their experience and methodological rigour, the results were very satisfactory; the goals that we had established when we decided to give Inteligencia Creativa a try were fully achieved. I wouldn’t hesitate to look to them again for help.”

    Fidel García-Guzmán García
  • Pfizer

    For projects of Innovation to work and have an economic impact on the company it is essential for the organising culture to also be innovative, for it to encourage employee creativity, for it to accept and learn from its errors, for it to celebrate successes. Inteligencia Creativa helped us to successfully realise innovation sessions, applying creative techniques in work teams, contributing profound knowledge of the business world, and knowing how to filter and direct the group’s creativity and energy toward specific, groundbreaking and impacting ideas.

    Esther López
    Innovation Manager Pfizer
  • Unilever

    “Practicality and applicability are two key elements that characterise Inteligencia Creativa’s training. They have indisputably become our expert pedagogical partner in the development of our managers’ capacity for innovation and creativity, not only on the level of Spain but also on a global level, within the Danone Group.”

    Lina Piedrahita
    Consumer Market Manager Unilever
  • Repsol

    “Big answers come from powerful questions and big ideas need an inspiring sales pitch. Inteligencia Creativa has mastered these two phases of creativity, which often go forgotten.”

    Juan Luis Rodríguez Sánchez del Álamo
    Innovation Projects
  • Pepsico

    Innovation at Pepsico is fundamental and Inteligencia Creativa has supported us from the beginning in encouraging our teams to be creative and in defining a process of simple innovation appropriate to our needs. We are very satisfied with their work and contribution

    Miriam López
    Marketing Innovation Manager