? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? EXPLORATION STRATEGIC ESTR A TÉGICAS INNOVATION AXES TACTICAL NEEDS ? DIVERGENCE CONVERGENCE SALE Innovation Project Generate new ideas Select, without “assassinating” Fine tuning Improvements Experiment to improve: prEtotypes Specific and new challenges Find new avenues to exploreReformulate the challenges Value proposalFocus/Pitch Experiment to validate: prototypes Reiterate/Agile management Ground-breakingideas INNOVATION!


DEVELOP AND SYSTEMATISE CREATIVE THOUGHT AND INNOVATION to integrate innovation methodology and agile attitudes into the DNA of an organisation, department or team.

Depending on the specific need, the initial situation and the profiles involved, we include the most suitable methodologies and tools in our programs and projects.

  • Train a group to give its members methodology and help them develop an innovative attitude in their day-to-day.
  • Train leaders and promoters to get their teams to innovate.
  • Help the management or innovation committee to detect where innovation adds value, and to identify and reformulate their challenges to open up new avenues.
  • Define the internal processes that make it possible to integrate innovation into the DNA of an organisation.
  • “Creative Toolbox” training program:
    participants develop their creative-thinking skills and are equipped with culture, methodology and
    tools, with disruption throughout the process.

  • Reframe the problem
    we offer training on an element that’s key, particularly for leaders, in the innovation process: how do you identify challenges to open up new avenues for solutions while integrating disruptive thinking from the get-go?
    How do you re-express those challenges?
  • “Innovation Facilitators” training program:
    we train people to help them dynamise and facilitate the entire process..
  • Agile experiments
    learn how to produce pretotypes and prototypes to build agile, cheap pilots..
  • “Innovation Leadership” training program:
    we train leaders to help them drive creativity and innovation in their teams.
  • Hackathons and events
    co-creation activities and events. Gamification activities using Binnakle Serious Games..
  • Driving innovation from a management committee:

    we raise awareness about the leadership changes needed and the strategic keys to success..
  • Coaching for managers and innovation committees
    we accompany innovation managers as they organise the process.
  • “Design Thinking” training program:
    tools for every phase of the process.
  • Innovation systematisation
    customised definition of how to organise processes to transform an organisation into one
    with innovative DNA.
  • “Design Sprint” training program:
    for users or facilitators of sprints..


through workshops, projects and processes.

Using the methodology and tools that best suit the specific need derived from the
type of challenge, size of the project, timing, profiles involved and the impact level
for the internal or external client…

  • workshop reframe the problem

    Disruptive workshops
    Short programs (from one to three days) to generate solutions to a challenge:
    challenge-reformulation module, idea-generation module, module to bring ideas down to earth and pretotyping. With disruption tools throughout the process.
  • workshop reframe the problem

    “Reframe the Problem” workshop”

    Workshop that explores the first step in the process, which is essential to start seeking
    truly innovative solutions: how can you get new perspective on your problem/challenge? How can you integrate disruptive thinking right from the get-go? Identify specific challenges and new lines of action.
    Find (re)formulations of the challenge that optimise the subsequent search for solutions.
  • design sprints

    Intensive program to solve a challenge in five days, based on the Google Ventures methodology:
    from the challenge to solution prototypes, which are tested in a real environment. Added to this methodology, which is very effective but which doesn’t guarantee ground-breaking ideas, we bring disruptive thinking from the get-go.
  • lean corporate accelerator

    This program covers the entire process over a three-month period, from the challenge to producing prototypes to define specific value proposals. We organise working groups whose members include people sent by the client, members of Inteligencia Creativa and of start-ups, and specialists in specific phrases. The agile methodology adapts how start-ups work to the reality of “conventional” businesses.
  • design thinking

    A comprehensive program based on the methodology developed by IDEO and Stanford.
    This is most appropriate if the project is ambitious, there is time to invest, and the client-experience component is fundamental. Another powerful methodology, but one where just following the steps doesn’t guarantee ground-breaking ideas. That’s why we add disruptive thinking at several stages.
  • workshop fake it to test it

    “Fake it to test it” Workshop
    Produce agile and cheap pretotypes and prototypes to get feedback and improve new
  • dinámicas de co-creación y talleres gamificados

    Co-creation activities and gamified workshops
    Co-creation activities and events. Gamified activities using Binnakle Innovation Games.